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Successful applicants are required to secure a minimum investment for their Canadian start-up.

If coming from a designated Canadian venture capital fund, the investment must be at least $200,000. If coming from an angel investor group, it must be at least $75,000. Applicants are not required to invest any of their own money. If their Canadian start-up is unsuccessful, individuals granted permanent residence through this program will retain their permanent resident status.

A Venture Capital firm secures money from private investors and makes investments on their behalf. Business Angel Investor groups, on the other hand, are comprised of individuals who invest their personal funds in an exciting business opportunity. Generally speaking, Angel Investors may choose to take a ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ approach with regard to setting up a business. Venture Capitalists, on the other hand, may require a seat on the company’s board of directors. Both are able to assist entrepreneurs in establishing business contacts in Canada.

Below is a list of organizations the government has designated to work with entrepreneurs in the Start-Up Visa program.

Venture Capital Funds

  • BDC Venture Capital

  • Blackberry Partners Fund II LP (doing business as Relay Ventures Fund II)

  • Celtic House Venture Partners

    • Celtic House Venture Partners Fund III LP

    • Celtic House Venture Partners Fund IV LP

  • DRI Capital Inc.

  • Extreme Venture Partners LLP

  • Golden Opportunities Fund Inc.

  • iNovia Capital Inc.

  • Lumira Capital

  • Mobio Technologies Inc.

  • New Brunswick Innovation Foundation Inc.

  • Oak Mason Investments Inc.

  • OMERS Ventures Management Inc.

  • Pangaea Ventures Fund III, LP

  • PRIVEQ Capital Funds

    • PRIVEQ III Limited Partnership

    • PRIVEQ IV Limited Partnership

  • Quorum Group

    • Advantage Growth (No.2) LP

    • Ontario SME Capital Corporation

    • Quorum Investment Pool Limited Partnership

    • Quorum Secured Equity Trust

  • Real Ventures

  • Rho Canada Ventures

  • Rogers Venture Partners, LLC

  • Summerhill Venture Partners Management Inc.

  • Tandem Expansion Management Inc.

  • Top Renergy Inc.

  • Vanedge Capital Limited Partnership

  • Version One Ventures

  • Wellington Financial LP

  • Westcap Mgt. Ltd.

    • Canadian Accelerator Fund Ltd.

  • Yaletown Venture Partners Inc.

Angel Investor Groups

  • Angel One Network Inc.

  • Canadian International Angel Investors

  • First Angel Network Association

  • Golden Triangle Angel Network

  • Oak Mason Investments Inc.

  • Southwestern Ontario Angel Group

  • TenX Angel Investors Inc.

  • VANTEC Angel Network Inc.

Business Incubators

  • Canada Accelerator Co (d/b/a HIGHLINE)

  • Communitech

  • Empowered Startups Ltd.

  • Extreme Innovations

  • INcubes Inc.

  • Innovacorp

  • Innovate Calgary

  • Interactive Niagara Media Cluster o/a Innovate Niagara

  • Knowledge Park o/a Planet Hatch

  • LaunchPad PEI Inc.

  • Real Investment Fund III L.P. o/a FounderFuel

  • Ryerson Futures Inc.

  • Toronto Business Development Centre

  • Waterloo Accelerator Centre

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