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Studying in Canada in most cases requires a Student to obtain a Study Permit to enter Canada and proceed with studies. This applies to all courses and training programs that are more than 6 months in duration.  For any courses or programs less than 6 months in duration a regular Visitors Visa will suffice.  This application service enlists ICL Immigration team to apply for a Study Permit on your behalf.  The fees include the Goverment of Canada Permit and Biometric fees that are applicatble when applying, however it does not include an associated fees for sending documents in for Visa issuance, potential Police Clearances, and or Medical Examinations that could be requested by the Visa Officer.  This service also does NOT gaurantee the approval of a Study Permit, as that is solely at the discretion of the Visa Officer who processes the application at the time of submission, and is based on your qualifying criteria.  We will advise clients of all the requirements before any applications are submitted. 

Study Permit Application (per person)

  • Regardless of the outcomes, the only fees that would be deemed refundable if a visa application is refused, would be the associated government visa fees that would be refunded.