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Immigration in Canada is a regulated industry, and as many people know there are an abundance of scams out there resulting from unscrupulous ghost consultants purporting to be legally appointed consultants or agents to provide immigration advise and services to clients, when in fact they are not permitted.  This is a criminal offence in Canada and can result in steep fines, and a criminal record.

At ICL Immigration we take the regulations seriously and only work with legally appointed Agents, who are then registered with ICCRC as per the agents regulation and then become appointed agents of ICL Immigration Inc.

This page lists the ONLY agents who are registered by ICL Immigration Inc to work with us and act as an Agent of ICL Immigration Inc.

Have a problem with one of our Agents? Let us know soonest!

As part of our responsibility as a Legal Practice, we are also responsible for our appointed agents behavior.  As such if you have any problems with an authorized agent listed on this page, then please let us know soonest by reporting your issue to us at:

Authorized and Registered Agents of ICL Immigration Inc.


Anther Consolidated Services

Location: Gauteng, South Africa


Name: Heather Myburgh



Phone: +27 83 269 1424

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