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Latest Express Entry draw invites 3,600 candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence on Augu

The 123rd draw for Express Entry permanent residence candidates happened on August 12, 2019, which has resulted in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points requirement for receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) to increase as compared to the previous express entry draw on July 24, 2019. The CRS score of the lowest-ranked invited candidate was 466, with 3,600 ITAs issued in total, which is a rise of 7 points from the previous draw.

As with the previous draws, a tie-break rule was used. As a bunch of candidates have the same 466 score, only those who have created their profile before August 6, 2019 at 12:14:53 UTC will get an ITA.

This year has left many express entry applicants reeling in shock as the minimum scores continue their historic highs well into the third quarter of 2019. What does this mean? Why are the scores so high? How long do we wait for scores to come down? These are all questions our Immigration teams are fielding on a daily basis and the answers are always the same.

Canada is on a major skills drive to recruit as many immigrants as possible over the next 3 years to meet its immigration plan quotas. These quotas are designed to meet the Canadian economies needs as the country faces landmark shortages of skills, especially as the current workforce is aging and nearing retirement levels which, if left unaddressed, will severely impact the financial well-being of this great country.

If we analyse the charts to the left, and below, the information presented shows that According to Trend, the quotas for this year are falling behind and that this could signal two things: The first is that this could result in increased random draws over an above the traditional bi-weekly draw to try and meet the quotas, and secondly, it also signals that if we compare this years and last years results, we are at the same level of draws that happened in 2018, but far behind on the total invites issue in 2018, or in terms of the 2019 quotas. Which means more draws could happen to meet the quotas demands.

Whatever the case may be, if we take a further look into the current load of applicants sitting in the express entry system as of August 2, 2019, the total is 116006 we can see that there are an enormous amount of people still waiting in the ranges of 400 - 450 (38142 people), and a further amount of 7295 applicants sitting above 451 points. This means that even with the total invites issued on the August 12 Draw of 3600, there would still be a total of 3695 applicants remaining in the above 451 points level, leaving those still hoping for a chance in the next draw hanging on a while longer.

Applicants who have CRS scores lower than the August 12 cut-off who are looking to improve their ranking in the Express Entry pool may want to consider their options for a provincial nomination (PNP).

Most Canadian provinces have immigration programs that are linked to the Express Entry system. Express Entry applicants who receive a provincial nomination are awarded an additional 600 CRS points and move to the front of the line for an ITA.

Express Entry-linked nomination Programs in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta have been active recently, with Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream alone issuing 1,773 invitations to Express Entry candidates with work experience in six tech occupations and CRS scores as low as 435, among other criteria. In Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program issued 104 invitations through its Express Entry sub-category to candidates with work experience in one of 19 in-demand occupations in the province, among other qualifications. Alberta has selected Express Entry candidates with CRS scores as low as 300 through the Alberta Express Entry Stream on four occasions in 2019. Three draws had a minimum CRS score of 301 and one other had a cut-off CRS score of 302, and the most recent Alberta draw held on July 24 invited 202 Express Entry candidates with scores as low as 303.

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