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Processes for Canadian businesses to hire Foreign Workers

To increase the likelihood of getting a job in Canada as a foreign worker, it is vital to ensure that you understand the process behind how a Canadian businesses can hire an foreign workers. There are a few means which a business in can hire foreign workers. In most instances, a Canadian business wish to hire someone from outside Canada, it is necessary for that company to obtain a "labour market impact assessment" (LMIA).

Ultimately, when a Canadian business obtains an LMIA it has proven to the Canadian Government (ESDC) that hiring of a non-Canadian (foreign worker) will not harm the Canadian job market. In order to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, a business must demonstrate that there aren’t any suitable Canadian candidates available for the particular position applied for. This requires that the business shows that it indeed tried to hire a Canadian for the position but wasn’t able to find one, by means of placing job advertisements on at least 3 jobs platforms for a minimum of 30 days, and, therefore, it must look outside Canada instead to fulfill its employment needs.

There are however other means available to employers to hire foreign workers, which include the Intra company transfer option for businesses with international operations and an office in Canada, then there is also the Provincial Nomination Programs offered by the provinces based on their specific economic needs, and then there is also the Free Trade Agreements (FTA's) that are available for certain countries, Like CUSMA and GATS to name but a few.

It is thus mostly businesses that have acquired a positive LMIA's that are able hire foreign workers, unless of course if they are exempted from doing so by means of one of the options listed above. So, if you are seeking to find a Canadian company to provide you a job offer in connection with either a work permit application or an Express Entry application, then you need to find a company that has an LMIA and is currently seeking to hire someone for the particular position for which the company received an LMIA, or you should be well versed on the LMIA or PNP processes so that you can inform potential employers when you apply to jobs they have posted on Job Sites .

Searching for a job as part of an immigration process is the hardest part of a foreign workers journey to Canada. Employers are ill informed of their options or the processes by which they can employ the workers they need, especially if they cannot find them locally. As such ICL Immigration has started working with Employers to aid them with the resources to help them understand their options, to assist them with LMIA Applications, and to assist the foreign workers align with the opportunities we have identified with for them. A page on our website will feature any jobs that we can advertise for employers whom we are contracted with to recruit for at the time. It would pay to visit this page on our website regularly to see the opportunities available.


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