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Immigration in Canada is a regulated industry, and as many people know there are an abundance of scams out there resulting from unscrupulous ghost consultants purporting to be legally appointed consultants to provide immigration advise and services to clients, when in fact they are not permitted.  This is a criminal offence in Canada and can result in steep fines, and a criminal record.

At ICL Immigration we take the regulations seriously and only work with legally appointed Agents, who are then registered with ICCRC as per the agents regulation and then become appointed agents of ICL Immigration Inc.

This is a great way to become involved in Canadian Immigration, and its also a good way to earn income as commissions are paid on successful cases.

What is the difference between a registered consultant and an agent?

An RCIC (Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant) is licensed to provide legal advise and services related to Canadian immigration programs and products.  They may charge a fee for the services the provide to clients.

An Immigration Agent, is not an RCIC and merely an extension of the licensed consultant where they are located in the world and is supervised by the person they are appointed by.  Agents assist consultants find clients.  An Agent may not charge a client for their services, as the RCIC pays the agent a fee for each successful case that is handled.  A commission.

Agents may not provide legal counsel or advise, they may not provide direct information to clients based on their own knowledge and information, but they can pass on information that is provided by the RCIC

Agents should already have a location and connections to client streams, or should be in a position to become established in a short space of time.

Interested in becoming an Immigration Agent?

An Agent is responsible for:

  • Advertising on local channels to seek out qualified clientele, by providing opportunities to complete assessments locally in order to vet clients for eligibility.

  • Sign up qualified clientele to be represented by ICL Immigration Inc.

  • Assist clientele with local requirements:

    • Language tests

    • Language test preparations

    • ECA applications for qualifications

    • Obtaining Transcripts for Qualifications

    • Police Clearance Certificates

    • Booking Medical Examinations

    • Booking Biometrics Appointments

    • Obtaining Birth Certificates

    • Obtaining Marriage Certificates

    • Résumé Preparations

    • Digital Photos for applications

  • Setting up Consultations with ICL Immigration Inc

  • Setting up Seminars or Webinars to Present Immigration Information to clients

  • Selling of ICL Immigration Inc products and services

To become an Agent for ICL Immigration Inc, a business must be:

  • Registered as a business in their local country for at least 2 years

  • Have a valid business registration certificate

  • Have a valid local Tax Number

  • Provide details of ALL business owners or directors

  • Have an official Office and Physical Address

  • Have clear criminal records

  • Have at least 3 letters of reference from suppliers, and at least 3 letters of reference from clients

  • Have a website, telephone number, and business email address.

  • Provide full contact information

  • Provide emergency contact information

  • Provide a plan for how you will integrate ICL Immigration Inc products and services into your business, and provide those services and products to your clients

Once appointed, an Agent will:

  • Sign an Agents Agreement which will be registered with ICCRC

  • Sign a Non Disclosure Agreement

  • Sign Confidentiality and Privacy Agreements

  • Sign a code of conduct and ethics.

Agent opportunities are currently available in the following continents, countries and cities around the world:


    • Cape Town​

    • Port Elizabeth

    • Bloemfontein

    • Durban

    • Johannesburg

    • Upington


    • Windhoek​


    • London​

    • Glasgow


    • Dublin​


    • Melbourne​

    • Sydney

    • Adelaide

    • Perth

    • Brisbane


    • Christchurch​

    • Auckland

  • USA

    • Northern States​

    • Southern States

    • Eastern States

    • Western States

    • Central States

  • ASIA

    • China​

    • Hong Kong

    • Tokyo

    • Japan

    • Taiwan


    • France​

    • Italy

    • Greece

    • Spain

    • Germany

    • Austria

    • The Netherlands

    • Portugal

    • Switzerland

    • Denmark

    • Turkey

    • Russia

    • Poland

    • Belgium


    • Mexico City​

    • Guadalajara

    • Leon

    • Puebla



  • PERU


    • Zimbabwe​

    • Malawi

    • Somalia

    • Kenya

    • Ghana

    • Nigeria

    • Mozambique

    • Botswana

    • Zambia

    • Egypt

    • Morocco

    • Ethiopia

    • Madagascar

    • Angola

    • Uganda


    • Abu Dhabi​

    • Dubai


    • Doha​


    • Mumbai

    • New Delhi

    • Kolkata

    • Bangalore

    • Hyderabad

    • Ahmedabad

    • Pune

    • Surat

    • Jaipur


    • Karach​

    • Lahore





    • Quezon City​

    • Manila

    • Caloocan


Choose us as your legal immigration partner for Canadian Immigration

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