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A CUSMA Professional must be qualified to work in one of approximately 60 targeted professions, as listed below.

The CUSMA Professionals category is a mutual agreement agreed between Canada, the United States, and Mexico under the Canada USA Mexico Agreement.

Depending on his or her profession, an applicant may be required to provide educational credentials and/or proof of work experience in the field.

CUSMA Professionals must have pre-arranged employment in Canada, or a service contract with a Canadian company, in an occupation that matches their qualifications and one of the eligible CUSMA professions. Individuals who wish to perform self-employed work in Canada are not eligible for this category.

The following requirements apply to CUSMA professionals wishing to work in Canada:

  • citizenship of the U.S. or Mexico;

  • profession identified in the list below;

  • qualification to work in that profession (degree or certification in a related educational program);

  • pre-arranged employment with a Canadian employer;

  • provision of professional level services in the field of qualification; and

  • compliance with existing immigration requirements for temporary entry.

CUSMA Professional Work Permits may be issued for the following professions:


Medical/Allied Professional



Canadian employers: To learn more about your options for hiring foreign workers, please visit this TFWP page. If you wish to hire through the TFWP, please contact us here

Foreign workers: If you have received a job offer from a Canadian employer and wish to submit an inquiry about getting a work permit and working legally in Canada, please complete the form below.

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