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Scoring more than 67 points makes you eligible for Express Entry

Federal Skilled Worker applicants must also reach a total of at least 67 points based on Citizenship and Immigration Canada's selection factors.

Those selection factors are listed below. Click each factor to learn more information:

Express Entry Selection Factors
  • Education: You can be awarded up to 25 points for your formal education.

  • Language Skills: You can be awarded up to 28 total points for your language abilities in English and/or French.

  • Work Experience: Under this factor, you can be awarded up to 15 points for certain paid, skilled work experience that you have acquired in the last 10 years, but you must attain at least a score of nine points in order to qualify.

  • Age: You can be awarded up to 12 points based on your age at the time of applying.

  • Arranged Employment: You can be awarded up to 10 points if you have arranged employment in Canada that meets certain requirements.

  • Adaptability: You can be awarded up to 10 points for a number of factors that show that you are adaptable to moving to Canada.


Note: the Canadian government recognizes that the points awarded under the skilled worker selection system do not always accurately reflect an applicant's chances of successfully establishing themselves in Canada. As a result, Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officers are authorized to use an alternate method of assessing an application. Under the concept of "substituted evaluation", a Visa Officer may make their own evaluation for the likelihood of the applicant becoming economically established in Canada. This method allows the Visa Officer to accept or refuse the applicant no matter how many points the applicant has achieved.

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