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Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) requires that Canadian employers meet certain requirements when hiring foreign workers.

In order to work in Canada on a temporary basis, foreign workers must obtain a Canada Temporary Work Permit.


ICL Immigration Consultants review all aspects of the temporary job offer to ensure that it meets ESDC requirements:

  • The job being offered;

  • The person’s qualifications with respect to the job offer;

  • The person’s country of citizenship;

  • The person’s current country of residence;

  • The jurisdiction of where this job will take place in Canada; and

  • Whether or not there are licensing requirements for the job.

Our Work Permit Services Include

  • Verification that the candidate has the proper work experience, as per Canada's National Occupation Classification (NOC) system;

  • Verification that the job offer and the Canadian company have met the criteria for a job offer confirmation;

  • Preparation of the application forms;

  • Verification and cross-referencing of all information on forms;

  • Advice on which essential documents are required in support of the applications;

  • Preparation of detailed cover letters highlighting how the criteria have been met for a job offer confirmation;

  • Preparation of detailed cover letters highlighting your qualifications for the position;

  • Submission of the applications promptly to the appropriate government offices;

  • Monitoring the applications in progress and processing speeds, relative to other files we have submitted to the same offices;

  • Alerting a particular office when there are any processing delays with the applications; and

  • Ensuring confirmation and Canada Work Permit issuance.

Contact us for more information about our Canada work permit services.

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