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After landing in Canada as a Permanent Resident

You have arrived!! Congratulations.  What now?  Where do you go?  What needs to happen?  These Q&As are designed to help with some of the information you may need, but as our personal experiences far outweigh all other information, we urge visitors to browse the SA2Canada Forum site for more in depth info on next steps:

Must i Stay in Canada after landing as a Permanent Resident?

Permanent Residents are not obliged to remain in Canada, and are in no way restricted from departure at any time. However, as a Canadian Permanent Resident, you must accumulate two years of "residency days" in each five-year period in order to meet your Canadian residency obligations.

What is a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card?

The Canadian Permanent Resident Card is a small, secure plastic card containing personal information on the cardholder and that confirms the cardholder's status as a Permanent Resident of Canada.

When can you get Canadian Citizenship?

Canadian Citizenship can generally be obtained after three years of permanent residence in Canada.

Does my PR card allow me to enter and work in the USA?

​Permanent Resident status in Canada does not affect US immigration requirements for eligibility to legal employment. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which applies to citizens of Canada, does facilitate US employment in certain cases.

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