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List Of Occupations For The Facilitated Labour Market Impact Assessment Process In Quebec

The facilitated LMIA process includes professions in high demand, and in industry sectors experiencing labour shortages in Quebec.


The list contains higher-skilled occupations classified under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill type 0 (management), and skill levels A (professional) and B (technical).

Employers applying under the facilitated LMIA process are not required to provide proof of recruitment efforts.

Transition Plans are required for all high-wage LMIA applications. Under the Facilitated Process, however, a Transition Plan is only required on the second LMIA application for the same occupation.

The wages offered to all temporary foreign workers must be consistent with the wage rate paid to Canadians and permanent residents working in the same occupation and geographical area.

Occupations under Quebec's Facilitated Labour Market Impact Assessment Process.

Local recruitment efforts do not need to be performed by employers as part of their applications to hire temporary foreign workers for any of the following occupations:

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