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There are many ways to immigrate to Canada from the United States or to reside in Canada temporarily, however, each pathway requires a plan.

America and Canada share a long history. These expansive, pioneering nations were, by and large, settled and governed by immigrant communities — and both the USA and Canada continue to receive hundreds of thousands of newcomers from around the world on an annual basis through their various immigration programs.

Annually, thousands of American citizens make the decision to move to Canada. Some are attracted by economic opportunity, others are sponsored by a spouse or partner, while many other Americans come to work or study in Canada on a temporary basis. 

Are you a US H-1B Visa Holder interested in discovering your options for Canadian permanent immigration? 

Are you a Citizen of the United States? Let's start with your clear path to Canada.

This page covers the full range of immigration and temporary residence programs that are open to USA citizens wishing to move to Canada. Select any item in the menus below to go directly to the section that is most relevant to your particular needs. If you have a specific inquiry about moving to Canada from the USA, please contact us today by submitting a contact form located at the end of this page. Our team will be happy to assist you in your Canadian immigration goals.

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