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Recommended Vendors

At ICL Immigration Inc, we place great value on sharing pertinent information, resources and services with our clients and keeping them informed of a large array of other services that could enhance their immigration process, be it the starting steps, or be it help with finding a job, to finding services that help you when you land in Canada. 

First Step Vendors

Police Clearances - Drivers History Reports etc

Postnet Pretoria CBD's location make them the go to choice to assist with South African Police Clearance applications as they walk out their own door and into the SAPS office that handles Police Clearances.  The team on site are well versed with the application process, so let them assist you, whether you are a local, or an international.  Postnet also facilitate getting those much needed Drivers History Letters for clients from RTMC.


Postnet Pretoria CBD

Shop 10, Bothongo Plaza West, 

271 Francis Baard Street, 

Pretoria, 0002

Tel: +27 12 322 2419 / +27 12 320 4346



Immigration Medicals

Travel Doctor Corporate has been doing Canadian Immigration medicals for a very long time, and listed as Panel Physicians by IRCC, they know what is required and provide the necessary tests and reports speedily. 


Travel Doctor Corporate (South Africa Only)

8th Floor, Firestation Rosebank, 16 Baker Street, Cnr of Bath Avenue Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel: +27 10 900 3013



English Language Tests

An English Language test is a requirement of almost ALL Canadian immigration programs.  The IELTS general Test is required explicitly for the immigration programs.  British Council provide these tests in South Africa, and clients need to book and pay for their tests online.  PREPARATION IS KEY for this test, as its results play a HUGE role in your eligibility and in your points scoring in the express entry pool. Do not go into this test unprepared.


Education Credential Assessments

An ECA (education credential assessment) or a Trade Certification is a requirement for the Immigration process.  This is where you need to have your qualifications assessed in Canada, to ensure they are accepted, and equivalent to Canadian Qualifications.  There are may ECA providers, but WES is the most prominent.

Red Seal.jpg

Résumé Development

One of the most difficult challenges of the immigration process is finding a job before your arrive.  Not having the right tools in place to help you put your best foot forward and garner those much needed interviews or job offers, really leaves you behind the trend with the express entry pool growing week by week, meaning more and more people are looking for opportunities in Canada.  You have to be better, you have to look better. Roz Fisher from Résumé Etc can get you there.


Booking Biometrics Appointment - South Africa

As part of almost any immigration process, providing biometrics upon request is needed to satisfy visa requirements for Canada.  Anyone over the age of 14 is required to provide biometrics.  Once provided, biometrics are kept on record for 10 years by IRCC, and will not need to be redone if still within the 10 years since you last provided them.

VFS Global is the only provider authorized to collect Biometric information in South Africa for Canadian visa applications and you need to book your appointment only once you receive a request to provide biometric data.


World Skills Employment Centre - Ottawa

Founded by Local Agencies Serving Immigrants, a coalition of settlement agencies in Ottawa, World Skills is a non-profit employment centre dedicated exclusively to the employment needs of newcomers and to the needs of the local labour market. They help immigrants incorporate into the workforce through employment competency building, job search training and support, cultural competency building and language training.

They connect talented newcomers to employers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. They partner with employers to help them meet their labour market needs by understanding their business requirements, finding and pre-screening internationally trained newcomers and offering cross-cultural training.


Alan Barber - Welcome Home - Realtor

A pillar of support in the Toronto Saffa community Alan has been instrumental in the assistance and support to many newcomers to Toronto, for those needing advice, airport shuttles, property rentals, and property sales. Alan understands that you are not familiar with the local scene, cold climate, school system or or set up utilities… 


His team of experts know to provide the information that you’re not even thinking of asking, because they were once in your shoes as newcomers to Canada.  With expert knowledge of the local environment, infrastructure, commute experience and many other need to know items come standard with their services.


If you’re not shipping your household contents, his team can set up the necessary creature comforts in your new home prior to your arrival to make it that much more welcoming on your first day.

AB logo.png

Century 21 Dreams Inc 

61 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville, Ontario, L6K 1C9

Tel: +1 416 817 7654




Roger Hendricks - DiscloseAll Financial Services Inc.

With understanding the insurance industry in South Africa and Canada, Roger has managed to bridge the gap between the two countries and created an easy understanding of Insurance for Newcomers to Canada.

Roger and his team provides great advice surrounding the various government benefits form child care to pension and how it integrates with your financial planning.

Having the correct advice when you land makes you transition into Canada so much easier, also saves you money.

Regardless of been on a work permit or having permanent residency when you arrive, you are entitled to government benefits.

White background (Grey-red).png

DiscloseAll Financial Services Inc.

418 Sixteen Mile Drive, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 0Z2

Tel: +1 647 779 8523




Auden O'Reilly - Edward Jones Investments

Edward Jones Investments is represented by Auden O'Reilly.

Auden's significant expertise as a licensed investment representative has enabled him to assist several Canadian and South African families in achieving financial stability and peace of mind via their investments. Along with investments, Auden's areas of emphasis include, portfolio management, estate planning, retirement planning, tax considerations, education planning, as well as asset management and protection.


Edward Jones Investments is a private Fortune 500 firm with over 100 years of expertise. With the support of a professionally trained team of specialists, Auden and his practice can create sophisticated, individually tailored solutions for their clients.  Additionally, Edward Jones was voted #1 by these clientele for eight years and they are named the top brokerage in the 2021 Annual Wealth Management Advisors Survey!


Edward Jones is a member of IIROC, MFDA, CIPF and Auden is licensed in both securities and insurance throughout Canada.

EJ logo1.jpg

Edward Jones Investments

22-3420 Rebecca St, Oakville, ON, L6L 6W2

Tel: +1 905 825 3751

Cell: +1 647 524 5422




Smooth Migration - Relocation Services

Smooth Migration Site Banner cropped.png

What came first the chicken or the egg or in a travellers sense the bank account or the residential address? Smooth Migration was born out of the frustrations of a few serial travellers who came across the same issues again and again whilst trying to get settled in new countries around the globe. 

Smooth Migration currently covers Canada, the USA and the UK, with further expansion into countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe and South America in progress. 

These services are aimed at those who don’t have access to years of local credit history in their new destination and in most cases are offered by vendors who were once in the same situation themselves.


  • Personal global relocation services

  • 50 years, 5 continents and 100 countries of collective relocation experience

  • A movement aimed at people aspiring to build a new life in a new country

  • A global realtor locator and landing service provider

  • Trusted service partnerships with market leading brands

  • A relocation community built on shared experiences

  • A trailblazer in the relocation arena

Smooth Migration Canada.png

Smooth Migration Canada

Smooth Migration USA.png
Smoooth Migration UK.png

Global HQ

5307 Victoria Drive #1011

Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5P 3V6



United Kingdom - Satellite Office

16 Bournevale Road, Streatham, SW162BA

London, England



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