Please be aware that although IRCC announced on December 17, 2021 that the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program would become a permanent program as of January 01, 2022, they did also mention that they will only open the applications window from March 06, 2022.  The time between opening the program and taking applications is for employers to become re-designated or desginated.  ICL Immigtation will be assisting employers to become designated during this time.



Employers in PEI interested in participating in the AIP must meet the following designation criteria.

The employer must:

  • Want to hire full-time, non-seasonal international candidates;

  • Be in good standing with provincial and federal standards and legislation;

  • Demonstrate preparedness to receive and meet the settlement needs of international candidate(s) and accompanying family members, and agree to do so; and

  • Understand and agree to the reporting requirements for the program.


The Employer Designation Application Form must be completed before you can apply for endorsement of a foreign national under the Atlantic Immigration Program. Designated employers are eligible to apply for endorsement of a foreign national they wish to hire.

List of Settlement Service Providers in Prince Edward Island:

ICL Immigrations "Designation Assistance" Service fees and contact:

At ICL Immigration our mission is to make this process as seamless as possible for employers by assisting them with the designation process taking them through all the steps from A - Z.  We charge a flat fee for this service of C$150.00 + hst, and this fee excludes any of the applicable submission fees etc that may or could be payable to specific provinces.

To purchase your designation service from us, please click the link below to start the process and one of our le

To begin the process of Designation in another Atlantic Province, click the images below to learn more: