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Powered by SchoolMatch Canada

SchoolMatch Canada was born out of the idea that matching — not searching — is the simplest and most effective way to choose the best school for you. SchoolMatch takes a your individual characteristics and uses them to identify the best possible schools for you. Students are given unbiased results about which schools fit them best and why. When you complete your SchoolMatch assessment, you get a customized, detailed, and personalized report that outlines the top Canadian schools that best match you and why. It's an entirely new way to think about finding the right school.


If you are new to Canada or considering Canada as a place to study, then SchoolMatch is the right starting point. SchoolMatch helps you narrow down the hundreds of schools across the country to the few that would be best suited for you. Start your assessment today and find your SchoolMatch now.

The better way to choose your School

All assessments and reports are powered by SchoolMatch Canada. SchoolMatch has been helping thousands of students since 2011 find their best-matched university and/or college. Over 90% of students refer SchoolMatch to their family and friends, and more than 8 out of 10 students have said that their SchoolMatch Report helped with their school decision.

ICL Immigration Inc. has partnered with SchoolMatch Canada to provide you with an assessment to show you which Canadian schools match your expectations, personality and goals. Using research-based advanced algorithms, SchoolMatch Canada has helped thousands of students find the right university and college in Canada.

The information, tools and resources linked from this page are curated to help you make an informed decision about your future as an international student in Canada. In the event that you remain unable to find the information you are looking for, however, you are encouraged to contact us with your query.

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